Monday, 9 March 2009

Stitch a Bit Unpick a Bit

Progressing along with my quilt. Last week I had to make 9 Patch blocks.
All strips cut and the sewing commenced nicely.

Blocks starting to take shape.

The pile was increasing at a nice rate.

Great I thought all done and ready for the next stage.

Only to find out that my 1/4 inch foot wasn't sewing a true 1/4 inch seem. My foot turned out to be faulty and Kim from the shop kindly swapped it over for the one they used in the shop for me. I spent time unpicking several of the blocks and resewing them as they were far too small.
Oh well bet it won't be the last time in my sewing time I have to unpick something.

But on a brighter Note the material above I purchased on my Day out with the girls.
Now to find something suitable to make with it. But not until I have my quilt out of the way.



creativetreasures said...

That is a real bummer that you had to unpick your blocks. I am glad you mentioned the faulty foot, as many of us wouldn't even think of that happening.

That material looks very familiar! I haven't sewn any of mine yet. Far too many UFO's to finish before starting anything new. Maybe famous last words but I can hope that nothing new is started. ;)

Lucky-1 said...

What a bugger about unpicking what you had sewn. Lurv that butterfly material.