Friday, 27 March 2009

Help So Many Choices

Once we have completed our current quilt it will be onto the next project. Yep the quilt above is the one we have chosen to do. Only thing is I have a problem as I can't decide which material I want to use and with what material. I have put a selection of what I found tucked away in my cupboard and seek your help please.
This quilt will be the size of a lap quilt.

1. Roses with green and maroon.

2. Roses with 2 different greens.

3. Roses with another green and maroon.

4. Roses and pale greens.

5. Red butterflies with Red/white polka dots.
6. Red Butterflies with the 2 green in the second from the bottom.

Help Please.



Lucky-1 said...

I love #3 and the runner up is #4.

Can't wait to have a look at your sewing room tomorrow.

creativetreasures said...

It really is a personal choice.

If you want a lot of contrast happening, go for #1 or #3, which will be stronger than the sample quilt.

#2 to my own mind is close in contrast to the sample quilt. I realise that images also tell fibs! ;)

#4 would create a soft contrast to the sample quilt.

Personally I am not for the butterfly fabric in this quilt, unless the pattern piece is large enough to show that lovely fabric off at its best.

Well I didn't say which is the best one but it might help you to make up your mind....or confuse you even more...tehe

Home Made By Sallyanne said...

I am favoring 1 or 3 myself but just wanted some other opinions .

Thanks Gals

princess pudge said...

i personally like the rose and 2 pale greens, the roses are so busy and you really don't want to lose their colour by adding another strong colour into the mix. whichever you chose i can't wait to see it all done :D

clare said...

I'm not much help , I love them all .
clares craftroom