Monday, 30 March 2009

Bowl and Coaster

Yesterday I wanted something to do so I made up another fabric bowl and 2 matching coasters. I will make another 4 coaster thus making a set of six.

With a bit of luck I will make a few more to put away for Christmas Gifts.


Friday, 27 March 2009

Help So Many Choices

Once we have completed our current quilt it will be onto the next project. Yep the quilt above is the one we have chosen to do. Only thing is I have a problem as I can't decide which material I want to use and with what material. I have put a selection of what I found tucked away in my cupboard and seek your help please.
This quilt will be the size of a lap quilt.

1. Roses with green and maroon.

2. Roses with 2 different greens.

3. Roses with another green and maroon.

4. Roses and pale greens.

5. Red butterflies with Red/white polka dots.
6. Red Butterflies with the 2 green in the second from the bottom.

Help Please.


Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The Borders

This week it was sewing on the borders. Border one being the thinnest of the 3 borders.

Border two or the middle border.

Finally border 3 and all that is left now is too sandwich the batting and putting on the backing. The binding around the edge will be the same as the Third Border.

Oh yeh and some quilting over the top.

C'ya till next time.
Sallyanne and thanks for stopping by.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Finally The Blocks are together

After laying out and marking all the blocks it was time to start sewing. Great my quilt was finally looking somewhat like a quilt.

Plenty of ironing as I went and all is well. So I thought. When I laid the quilt out on the bed to look at it one row was out of line. Out with the stitch ripper and undid some of my hard work. I turned the strip around the other way and hey presto it worked. So much for carefully pinning it out before.

Finally after what seemed like an all day marathon the outer layer of my quilt was finished.


Thursday, 12 March 2009

My New Bernina

This week I bit the bullet and purchased a new Bernina sewing machine. They have been a family favorite of my family for many years with both my Mother, sister and sister in law all owning one with much success. It has so many more features than my basic Janome which I have used in the past.

While relaxing in the Barossa over the weekend I ventured into a sewing shop and immediately fell in love with the machine and the price as Jenny was still selling it off at the Christmas special price and not the recommended retail price of today.

As you can see one happy sewer at the moment.



Monday, 9 March 2009

Stitch a Bit Unpick a Bit

Progressing along with my quilt. Last week I had to make 9 Patch blocks.
All strips cut and the sewing commenced nicely.

Blocks starting to take shape.

The pile was increasing at a nice rate.

Great I thought all done and ready for the next stage.

Only to find out that my 1/4 inch foot wasn't sewing a true 1/4 inch seem. My foot turned out to be faulty and Kim from the shop kindly swapped it over for the one they used in the shop for me. I spent time unpicking several of the blocks and resewing them as they were far too small.
Oh well bet it won't be the last time in my sewing time I have to unpick something.

But on a brighter Note the material above I purchased on my Day out with the girls.
Now to find something suitable to make with it. But not until I have my quilt out of the way.