Tuesday, 30 December 2008

What Next

I have the Fabric and now what do I do with it. I have several ideas for the above materials but the ones below where my bargain buys. All up I got 4 metres from the Remnant bin costing me $2:00. At that price I couldn't leave it there.

Although the stripe one may appear Bright I am sure in time I can tone it down with something else.

C'ya for now.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Little Basket

My first attempt at making a little basket. I scanned the net until I found a suitable pattern and then after visiting family over the weekend where I was shown how to use a Rotary cutter to cut out material it was all systems go last night.

After having made one I am now keen to get the other 3 that I have cut out done. I can see many uses for these little gems and can easily adapt the pattern to suit my needs.

By the way the Haighs Chocolates will be nice when we get into them.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Card Holder

Several years ago I made a Card Holder for my Christmas Cards, but sadly it wasn't big enough. Last year I made myself another one along with 6 others and thought I would share mine with you.

The First one which is covered in cards was made out of a large dog food tin covered in Nylon Ribbon used for knitting. The one with only a couple of cards on it was made from a Caterers Tin that had fruit in it and red wool wrapped around it to hold the cards in place. Being a bigger tin it allows for bigger and more cards.

They are not only colorful but easy to make.


Friday, 12 December 2008

Hello and please excuse me as I am a bit rusty with the Old Sewing Machine these days. It has been packed away and I don't think it has even had much sewing done on it. I replaced my old one a few years ago and I don' t think this one would even be run in yet.

Hopefully that will change in the near future as I am going to enroll in a 10 week Quilting course and also join a lovely bunch of ladies, could be men too but don't know in a Group Called "Stitches". Hopefully the guidance, support and encouragement of the others will give me the motivation to get off my backside and back behind the sewing machine.

I have my 3 sister in laws to thank for this sudden burst of enthusiasm as I am reading their Blogs and getting photos sent to me of what they have done. So now you can call me one of the flock as I am like a sheep and following the mob.