Thursday, 28 May 2009

Dogs High Visability Jackets

Missie and Ruby were both very reluctant little Models but once they are finished they will wear them proudly when away.

As we do a lot of caravanning and camping away from power & lights it is sometimes very hard to see our 2 little Dogs in a torchlight. Not that they wonder off too far.

Reflective strips & bone shapes and Fluro Orange Jacket was my solution to helping me find them in the dark.

Bring on the next camping weekend so we can try them out.
Shhhh I haven't told one sister in law yet but there is one in the making for her Sasha.
Lets hope they do the job that they are intended for.



Home of Creative Treasures said...


They are a great idea Sallyanne and I am sure my Sasha will love her new jacket. Like you, I am concerned when our four legged kids are out and about after dark doing their business, as they need to do. The reflectors will make it so easy to see them! :D

barb's creations said...

What a great idea.I'm sure they'll get used to wearing them :) Barb.

Debs said...

Great idea Sally. Love the colour.

Home Made By Sallyanne said...

Thanks guys and we'll soon find out if they do the job I hope they will