Sunday, 22 February 2009

Snowball Blocks.

After cutting out 20 x 6 1/2" squares and 80 x 2 1/2" squares it was down to business to draw diagonal lines corner to corner on the smaller of the squares, pinning them right side together in each of the 6 1/2" square corners. Making sure the pencil lines formed a diamond pattern . I then stitched along the pencil lines.

Once sewn into place I folded and pressed the triangle back toward the corners.

Now time to trim away the middle piece of the triangle and trim block if necessary.

Once completed each snowball block should measure 6 1/2"

Unfortunately I missed my last lesson but hopefully after class this week I'll be able to catch up and not fall too far behind. Looks like a lot of extra homework coming up but that is life.

C'ya for now


creativetreasures said...

Sallyanne, thank you for showing the steps to your snowball block. I can't wait to see it all IRL when we come down in a couple of weeks. The material is gorgeous!

Debs said...

The snowball block is a lovely block. Sounds like you have been busy with all that cutting. I hope you catchup after missing your lesson last week.

Sally's This 'n' That said...

thanks Ladies and I'll have busy fingers next week catching up.