Friday, 12 December 2008

Hello and please excuse me as I am a bit rusty with the Old Sewing Machine these days. It has been packed away and I don't think it has even had much sewing done on it. I replaced my old one a few years ago and I don' t think this one would even be run in yet.

Hopefully that will change in the near future as I am going to enroll in a 10 week Quilting course and also join a lovely bunch of ladies, could be men too but don't know in a Group Called "Stitches". Hopefully the guidance, support and encouragement of the others will give me the motivation to get off my backside and back behind the sewing machine.

I have my 3 sister in laws to thank for this sudden burst of enthusiasm as I am reading their Blogs and getting photos sent to me of what they have done. So now you can call me one of the flock as I am like a sheep and following the mob.



Lucky-1 said...

Should be fun going to the craft group together:D

Debs said...

I look forward to visiting your blog and seeing your latest creation.

Sally's This 'n' That said...

Hopefully won't be long now