Thursday, 30 April 2009

All Done

Finally My Quilt is all done...............Yeah. It took a bit longer than I had wanted to but hey I have learnt several things along the way by my mistakes. Hopefully now I won't repeat any of them in the future.

The underside of the quilt with some slight puckering that I am prepared to live with. What is done is done and I am not going to spend another number of weeks unpicking it.

Ted and Yasmin are quite content sitting under the quilt.


Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Walking Foot

Today I bit the bullet and purchased my walking foot.

Now to work out which bit goes where.

Oh well here goes I am off to finish of the quilting on my quilt.
Wish me luck.


Sunday, 26 April 2009

Not Much is Happening

Not much has happened in the past couple of weeks due to a few things.
  • Been away with family and friends and a great time had.
  • Spend most of the time when home unpicking a few problems that I created for myself. Mainly due to the fact that I didn't have a Walking Foot for my sewing machine and I rushed in blindly and ploughed on ahead. Whoops big mistake when I looked at the underside of the quilt and lots of puckering. So nearly 3 weeks of unpicking and I am now content to live with the slight puckering I have left.

This week it will be off to the Sewing Machine shop to purchase the walking foot and then progress on with the quilt.

Classes start again Thursday evening and I will be starting on my second Quilt and finish this first one in my own time with help and assistance if needed.

Oh Yeah the one thing I have learnt from this is to have the right equipment for the right job as the unpicking isn't the most enjoyable part of the project.

C'ya for now

Friday, 3 April 2009

Quilting of the Quilt

After having laid out and stretched into place it was time to flatten and smooth out the quilt, batting and backing.
Then it was all pinned into place ready for sewing and what a tedious job. I am now on the look out for a Quilters All Tool which I found a great help with closing the pins.

All rolled and ready to start sewing.

The back side of the quilt.

In the process of quilting and I am using a method called Ditch quilting which is sewn along the existing stitch line.